About Us

Arturs Architectural Renovations are a full service contractor in construction and renovations with a speciality in kitchen and bathrooms, producing stellar outcomes. We deliver you the highest quality and satisfaction of our workmanship with great design. No detail is considered too small and we produce results with careful execution. We do work in both residential and commercial spaces. We provide full construction and renovation services ranging from total rehabilitation, both exterior and interior.

Meet Arturs

Arturs Kivitis is an European expert craftsman who tackles every projects with velocity and ease. An expert as one would call it. After running his own company with 16 employees working on several projects at the same time. His experience and keen eye for fine design and detail pays off and making customers happy as his work is through from A to Z. Using high quality tools, materials, great design creating beautiful functional spaces to an amazing outcomes. The client’s experience are usually satisfactory because client is included in the process every step of the way because of his transparency style. He fosters client’s confidence in his work and often times he goes beyond client’s expectation. He knows how client feels about their projects and are getting what they are paying for. In USA, he became really more talented and constantly creates beautiful spaces and finishes for client’s enjoyment.